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Problems caused by humans can be solved by humans


​What We're About.

Our mission is to bring high potential founders and experts together with leading Public and Private corporations to develop and lead projects that help eradicate the quality of life gap.

Our process begins with the belief that we can unlock the chains of generational poverty by unleashing human potential. We are reprogramming and instilling confidence in our teams to create the companies and leaders of the future. We believe in quality education, work ethic, inventiveness and strong economic systems to turn ideas into output.

City of Entrepreneurs is intended to create and actively strengthen an ecosystem designed to support diverse entrepreneurs through research, training and development; business incubation; and business acceleration. City of Entrepreneurs operates at a regional level, partnering with city governments and regional stakeholders to strengthen local small business ecosystems that remove barriers and create policies that advance entrepreneurship and improve quality of life for Black citizens and their communities. We are creating the next generation of Black entrepreneurs and providing the infrastructure and partnerships to create a sustainable, micro-manufacturing economic ecosystem. By accelerating micro-manufacturing, we are providing a platform that empowers start-ups to move quickly from incubation and start-up mode to product development, and ultimately manufacturing, retail sales, and life enhancing profits.

City of Entrepreneurs... coming to a city near you!

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